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Time for Big Wind To Contribute!

A simple majority vote on two excessive wind subsidy programs will help solve Oklahoma’s budget crisis. The lack of progress in the special session has made it apparent that Oklahoma lawmakers are struggling with how to fund the significant gap in our… Read more »

Rep. Mark McBride Discusses Big Wind

Rep. Mark McBride discusses “Big Wind” on News On 9.  He explains why this industry needs to do their part for Oklahoma. Watch the clip

“Wind Farms Have Forever Changed Our Lives”

Two wind electrical production plants have caused nightmares for Oklahoma landowners Tammy and Rick Huffstutlar. After leaving their home of more than 38 years in Calumet because of the misery caused by living near the Canadian Hills Wind Farm, they at… Read more »

The Real Story on The Wind Catcher Project…

Public Service Company and Southwestern Electric Power Co. recently announced a $4.5 billion industrial wind facility and power line project called The Wind Catcher Energy Connection.  It will be located in the Oklahoma Panhandle and will service a fou… Read more »

Wind farms endanger small aircraft according to a study in Kansas

A study completed by the University of Kansas for the Kansas Department of Transportation concluded that wind farms could be hazardous for small aircraft.  Turbines can cause a circular vortex that can roll a plane and increase crosswind speeds posing… Read more »

Have you seen the latest headline? “Wind farms jeopardize military flight training”

Military experts are concerned that the proliferation of wind farms is putting Oklahoma military pilot training and the future existence of Oklahoma military bases at risk. Wind farms located near Vance Air Force Base in Enid and Altus Air Force Base i… Read more »