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The Oklahoma Legislature Has Adjourned …

Some progress was made, but there is so much left to do… While House Bill 2298 ends qualification for the Zero Emission subsidy on July 1, 2017, Oklahoma taxpayers are still required to pay subsidies for another 10 years. More than $120 million will… Read more »

Wind Energy in Oklahoma: A Costly Solution in Search of a Problem

As Oklahoma’s legislature debates ending the state’s tax incentive for wind-generated power, arguments continue to be made that wind is good for the state’s electricity consumers as well as for the state’s economy. This paper examines the impact of win… Read more »

Voters overwhelmingly favor schools, core functions over wind subsidies

OKLAHOMA CITY — More than four out of five Oklahoma voters would prefer the state’s tax dollars be spent on education rather than costly wind subsidies, according to the latest SoonerPoll. More than 92 percent of respondents said they were concerned a… Read more »

Anti-wind advocate: Many misconceptions about benefits of wind industry in Oklahoma

In “Wind power key to state’s rural economy” (Point of View, March 4), Beaver County Commissioner Brad Raven outlined reasons he believed industrial wind was good for rural Oklahoma. I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions. While the industry continu… Read more »

Tulsa World – Frank Keating: I signed wind industry tax breaks, and I was wrong

In 2001, when I served as governor of Oklahoma, I signed legislation creating the Zero Emissions Tax Credit for industrial wind energy. The tax credit was designed to give a jump-start to a wind industry in its infancy in Oklahoma at the time. It was s… Read more »

Poll: Teachers believe state should cut wind energy subsidies to better fund public education

Nearly two-thirds of teachers in the state of Oklahoma believe corporate tax credits should be used to better fund public education, according to an online poll of teachers conducted by SoonerPoll.  Just 11.8% of teachers disagreed. During the 2016 leg… Read more »