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Tulsa World – Sen. Michael Bergstrom and Estela Hernandez: End wind subsidies for teacher pay

Voters rejected State Question 779 on Nov. 8, but Oklahoma’s classroom teachers still need a raise. Surveys consistently show the public supports increasing teacher pay, even if they opposed SQ 779’s package of tax hikes and increased spending for othe… Read more »

Progress: Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission Accepts Independent Study on Negative Impact of Wind Tax Credits

We’re happy to report the Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission voted yesterday to accept the evaluations conducted by an independent firm, The PFM Group, regarding the negative impact of Wind Tax Credits in Oklahoma. Here are just a few evaluations… Read more »

Industrial Wind is Estimated to Cost Oklahoma $5.2 Billion

Ending the Subsidies by July 1, 2017 will cut our losses by $3.7 Billion Industrial Wind could cost Oklahoma up to $5.2 billion in Zero Emission tax subsides between now and December 2030, based on wind projects already planned for connection to the So… Read more »

Wind debate: Incentives blowing a hole in Oklahoma’s budget

By Jeffrey McDougall Published: April 29, 2016 Overly generous. That’s how the head of one of the nation’s largest wind energy trade associations recently described the wide array of tax incentives that the state of Oklahoma has given to the wind indus… Read more »

Tulsa World Editorial: Big Wind sucks money from the state

Imagine the outrage if the petroleum industry got tax incentives for drilling wells in Oklahoma, but never paid any taxes on the energy it took out of the state. Imagine if that reverse taxation threatened to take Oklahoma’s already troubled fiscal sit… Read more »

What’s wrong with this Math? Turbines make more than teachers!

Oklahoma pays an average of $32,000 to a first-year teacher, yet gives $38,000 per turbine in tax subsidies to Industrial Wind companies. In 2016, state leaders predict a state budget shortfall of up to $1 billion, a crisis that will be felt in our mos… Read more »