Subsidies Given to Wind Farms Could Fund More than 1,200 New Teachers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma pays an average of $32,000 to a first-year teacher, yet gives $38,000 per turbine in tax subsidies to Industrial Wind companies.

In 2016, state leaders predict a state budget shortfall of up to $1 billion, a crisis that will be felt in our most vital services, such as education.

At a time when it is more important than ever to invest in our children’s future, Oklahoma is running out of money to pay for it.

A popular wind industry website reported that Florida utility Gulf Power executed an energy purchase agreement for part of the output from Apex Clean Energy’s 300 megawatt Kingfisher project in Oklahoma. The announced 20-year deal includes an annual delivery commitment of 674,437 megawatt-hours, which is equivalent to a 178 Megawatt portion of the wind farm. In order to deliver on this commitment each 2 megawatt turbine must produce 7, 577.940 in Kilowatt-hours (KWh) per year.  This production will cost Oklahoma taxpayers one-half cent per KWh in production tax credit, for a total of $37,889.72 per turbine.  There are typically several hundred turbines in each wind farm.  The spending adds up quickly!