Month: July 2017

Wind farms endanger small aircraft according to a study in Kansas

A study completed by the University of Kansas for the Kansas Department of Transportation concluded that wind farms could be hazardous for small aircraft.  Turbines can cause a circular vortex that can roll a plane and increase crosswind speeds posing a danger to aircraft.
The study was commissioned after pilots complained about unusual turbulence near wind farms.

Have you seen the latest headline? “Wind farms jeopardize military flight training”

Military experts are concerned that the proliferation of wind farms is putting Oklahoma military pilot training and the future existence of Oklahoma military bases at risk. Wind farms located near Vance Air Force Base in Enid and Altus Air Force Base impede clearance because they are located below military training routes, or pathways in the sky, that pilots use for training purposes.

According to the Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission, Oklahoma ranks top in military value primarily because of its air space.  If we don’t protect our air space, the future viability of our bases could be compromised.

Please ask your legislators to make protecting our military operations a priority.