Taxpayers Funded 80% of Wind Ad Valorem in 2017

You’ve seen the claim that Big Wind funds local schools. The truth is YOU paid the tax, and they take the credit.

OK WindPower ® claims the industry paid $74,127,429 in 2017 Ad Valorem taxes in 23 Oklahoma counties to support local schools. What they failed to admit is that Oklahoma taxpayers actually paid more than 80 percent of those taxes.

The State Constitution requires Oklahoma’s general fund reimburse local public services, such as counties, school districts and fire departments, for lost revenue from ad valorem exemptions.

  • Wind projects built prior to 2017 receive Ad Valorem exemptions for the first 5 years. Seventy-two percent of the wind generation capacity in Oklahoma is still exempt from paying taxes.
  • Taxpayers paid more than $60 million of the $74 million claimed by OK WindPower ®.
  • Many counties with the largest number of wind turbines did not receive tax money directly from Wind.  Instead, Oklahoma taxpayers paid it.
  • These funds could have paid for a $1,500 pay raise for every teacher in Oklahoma.