Wind Continues its Dishonesty about Supporting Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Wind Industry is on the attack again, claiming unfair treatment by legislative leaders and continuing to tell outright lies.

These four simple facts remain true:

1. You paid 80% of Wind’s Ad Valorem Taxes

Their claim to pay a higher tax rate stems from a mistruth that they pay ad valorem (property) taxes. Oklahoma Tax Commission records show that taxpayers actually paid 80% of their taxes in 2017.  The industry is deferred from paying those taxes for the first five years. Because of a tax loophole, Oklahoma is required to reimburse school districts and counties for that lost revenue.

2. Zero Emissions Subsidy Program Will Cost Oklahoma Nearly $1 billion

Qualification for the Zero Emissions Tax Credit for new wind projects has ended, but we still have to pay $930 million in existing subsidies for 10 years.

3. Wind doesn’t pay any sales tax, something that could generate an additional $20 million annually in funding.

4. Many projects actually receive a refund from the state and enjoy a negative tax rate.

The Mammoth Plains Project in Dewey County enjoys an effective tax rate of minus 14 percent. Taxpayers funded $1.85 million of their $1.87 million ad valorem tax bill, meaning the wind farm only paid $19,000 in property taxes.  They also qualified for a cash payment from Oklahoma taxpayers of $3.54 million in Zero Emissions subsidies.

It’s time for Big Wind to contribute their fair share. YES on SB 888!