Month: May 2018

Failure to Pass SB 888 Hurts Oklahoma

We are shocked and dismayed the Oklahoma Senate did not pass SB 888. Taxpayer dollars will continue to be wasted. Those who voted against SB 888 accomplished two things:

1. Protected excessive wind tax subsidies and continued a massive corporate welfare program that will cost Oklahomans $930 million over the next 10 years.

2. Voted against education. Subsidies for one wind turbine exceed a teacher’s starting salary, even with the raise. Although short-term revenue was raised for education in this year’s tax increase, the legislature failed to address long-term funding for education. They proliferated the lie that the wind industry supports education. The truth is the industry pays no state taxes. Ad valorem taxes are only paid in counties where the turbines are located, and because of other failed tax policies Oklahoma taxpayers paid more than 80% of those taxes in 2017, resulting in a $94 million shortfall in the Ad Valorem Reimbursement Fund.

To put it simply, a vote against SB 888 supported payments to an already wealthy industry over funding Oklahoma core government services.