Zero Regulation, Zero Rights


Property Rights

Coming To a Neighborhood Near You…

This is what happens when turbines aren’t propery maintained.

Oklahoma currently doesn’t have an assigned regulatory structure or a state oversight agency in place requiring turbines to operate safely or to provide adequate funding to decommission abandoned sites.



WindWaste is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Oklahomans about the harmful effects of Industrial Wind.


Industrial Wind Policies Are Blowing our Future

Industrial wind in Oklahoma is virtually unregulated, impacting our health, properties and natural habitats:

  • Drains the economy through exessive taxpayer-funded subsidies
  • Disregards property rights by allowing companies to place turbines right next to non-participating homes and properties
  • Devalues nearby properties and communities
  • Causes health problems through wind turbine syndrome
  • Destroys natural habitats and hurts wildlife


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