$5.2 Billion could be paid to wind farms by 2030.

Imagine if that was offered to education.

To put it into perspective, the $113 Million in wind tax credits claimed for production in 2014 would have paid for a $2,664.46 pay raise for each of the 42,410 public school teachers in Oklahoma. Current law provides no limit on these subsidies, and the payout to wind companies keeps rising at the expense of education and other publicly funded services. Additionally, now that wind companies are beginning to be required to pay local property taxes, some of these wind companies are fighting to lower the assessed value of their property, a strategy which can reduce revenue to local schools.

Educators understand that these tax subsidies are damaging our state. According to a SoonerPoll survey from earlier this year, 64 percent of teachers believe now is the time to discontinue tax subsidies for wind companies.

Many bills are being filed this legislative session. Visit here to the see the latest. We’re on track to spend $5.2 Billion between now and 2030 in wind subsidies.

Let’s prioritize education over Big Wind. Take Action Now. Visit and make your voice heard!