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Failure to Pass SB 888 Hurts Oklahoma

We are shocked and dismayed the Oklahoma Senate did not pass SB 888. Taxpayer dollars will continue to be wasted. Those who voted against SB 888 accomplished two things: 1. Protected excessive wind tax subsidies and continued a massive corporate welfar… Read more »

Frank Keating: SB 888 a step in the right direction

As published in The Oklahoman, April 29, 2018 When I was governor in 2001, the wind industry made many promises. It promised us jobs but very few have been produced. It promised to manufacture here, but manufacturing is done out of state. It promised m… Read more »

Let Your Senator Know You Support Senate Bill 888 to Curb Corporate Handouts to Wind

WindWaste applauds members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives who voted in favor of Senate Bill 888, which begins reformation of the egregious wind corporate-giveaway program by eliminating refundability of the Zero Emissions Tax Credit. It saves… Read more »

Wind Continues its Dishonesty about Supporting Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Wind Industry is on the attack again, claiming unfair treatment by legislative leaders and continuing to tell outright lies. These four simple facts remain true: 1. You paid 80% of Wind’s Ad Valorem Taxes Their claim to pay a higher tax rate… Read more »

It’s past time for Industrial Wind to pay its fair share of Oklahoma’s education costs

Giving teachers in Oklahoma a raise is past due. WindWaste was established on the premise that more funding for education was critical, and the industry that has profited most in recent years from Oklahoma subsidies should contribute. House Bill 1010XX… Read more »

Big Wind Is Blowing Up Oklahoma’s Budget

This week lawmakers are expected to approve across-the-board cuts to fix Oklahoma’s budget hole. Guess who isn’t giving up anything ….Big Wind! Oklahoma taxpayers continue to pay out millions in tax subsides to multi-billion-dollar companies that don’t… Read more »