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Taxpayers Funded 80% of Wind Ad Valorem in 2017

You’ve seen the claim that Big Wind funds local schools. The truth is YOU paid the tax, and they take the credit. OK WindPower ® claims the industry paid $74,127,429 in 2017 Ad Valorem taxes in 23 Oklahoma counties to support local schools. What they f… Read more »

Oklahoma is at Risk to Pay $930 Million in Zero Emission Wind Tax Subsidies

Oklahoma pays wind companies .005 cents for each kWh of electricity generated by wind turbines. Although legislation was passed to end the ability for new projects to qualify after July 1, 2017, projects built before that date will be paid subsidies fo… Read more »

Oklahoma Ranks #2 In Wind Production

But Does it Really Benefit Oklahomans? As reported by the American Wind Energy Association, Oklahoma now ranks second in wind production. That translates into millions more in profit for an already multi-billion-dollar industry. Yet, Oklahoma missed ou… Read more »

The Truth About Big Wind’s Proposal to the Oklahoma Legislature

On January 19, the Wind Industry announced a proposal to the Oklahoma legislature for altering wind taxation policies.  The proposal suggests eliminating ad valorem taxes on Wind Generation facilities in exchange for paying a gross production tax or an… Read more »

Time for Wind To Stand On Its Own

Rep. Cleveland seeks to end zero emission tax credit Sharing a recent announcement from the capital. We applaud Rep. Cleveland for recognizing Oklahoma taxpayers deserve better! OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Bobby Cleveland introduced legislation this wee… Read more »

The Budget Deficit Can Be Fixed

As the great Winston Churchill once said, “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.” Oklahoma still faces a budget deficit for fiscal year 2018, and next year’s budget hole is expected to be significant. As… Read more »